Denise Richards Still Has 'Faith' in Charlie Sheen

10/27/2010 AT 10:45 AM EDT

Saying she's sorry about what happened, and that her ex-husband Charlie Sheen will always be part of her and their daughters' lives, Denise Richards says, "I have a lot of faith in my ex."

Her concern, however, is for their two young daughters, whom she says are unaware of the headlines their father generated Tuesday when it was reported that, wild and out of control, he trashed his room at New York's Plaza Hotel, while Richards and the girls were in a nearby room.

"I am concerned about my children ... and keeping them safe," Richards said on Wednesday's fourth hour of the Today show, in what was a previously scheduled appearance to discuss her TV series, Blue Mountain State.

"Being a mom," she added, "is the most important thing to me."

Pressed for details on what occurred in that hotel room – there have been reports that a naked Sheen was sharing his room with a call girl, who locked herself in the bathroom when he allegedly went on his rampage – Richards would say only, "I prefer to keep it private and personal."

If Sheen cares to make the details known, she said, then she will leave that decision to him. Richards, 39, did confirm that she was not the person who called 911 to report Sheen's behavior.

Richards did emphasize that daughters Sam, 6, and Lola, 5, are too young to read the news, and that "the girls are unaware of anything" except the fact they had a great time in New York.

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