Gary Condit Testifies in Chandra Levy Murder Trial

Gary Condit Testifies in Chandra Levy Murder Trial
Justin Sullivan/Getty

11/01/2010 AT 03:40 PM EDT

Former California Rep. Gary Condit testified Monday he had nothing to do with Chandra Levy's murder, but refused to address if the two were romantically involved.

"I think we're all entitled to some level of privacy," Condit said Monday in a Washington D.C. courtroom at the trial of Ingmar Guandique, 29, who is charged with murder, kidnapping and attempted sexual assault.

Condit, 62, whose political career was destroyed by the sensational 2001 case, said he and Levy, 24, were on good terms at the time she went missing. Just the week before her disappearance, he helped her make career contacts.

"We never had a fight. We never had any cross words," he said.

He strongly denied being involved in her disappearance. "Seems like in this country, we've all lost a sense of decency," he said. "I didn't commit any crime. I don't think I've done anything wrong."

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