Surprise Smooches on Glee's 'Never Been Kissed' Episode

11/10/2010 AT 10:30 AM EST

Glee tackled the issue of bullying on the "Never Been Kissed" episode Tuesday night – and threw in some unexpected love.

In the episode, Kurt finds himself being targeted by a beefy jock Karofsky, who regularly slams Kurt into lockers. Although in the past Kurt has been able to let taunts roll off his back, he's at a breaking point.

In the meantime, Mr. Schuester splits the glee club up into boys versus girls, but assigns the boys to sing songs traditionally sung by women, and the girls to perform songs usually done by men. Mr. Schuester also reveals that one of the glee club's competitors in the upcoming sectionals is from the all-boys school Dalton.

Kurt does a little spying at Dalton to see their glee club, The Warblers, and watches them perform an adorable version of Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream." In the process, he meets a nice gay boy, Blaine (Darren Criss), who encourages Kurt to fight back against the bullies at McKinley. When he eventually takes Blaine's advice, Kurt gets his first kiss – shockingly from football player Karofsky who's been taunting him.

The other character being bullied throughout the episode is Coach Beiste. The guys in glee club – Finn, Sam – have started using thoughts of her to cool off when make-out sessions with their girlfriends get too hot. When Beiste finds out she's being used as the equivalent of a cold shower, she is devastated and quits.

Mr. Schuester rushes to comfort Beiste and convince her not to leave, when she tearfully admits that at the age of 40, she's never been kissed. In a tender moment, Mr. Schuester fixes that problem. Surprise smooch count this episode: two!

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