Taylor Swift: Why I Like Living Alone

Taylor Swift: Why I Like Living Alone
Taylor Swift and Chelsea Handler

11/24/2010 AT 06:50 PM EST

Taylor Swift is enjoying the newfound freedom of living on her own.

"Living alone you can do so many fantastic things," Swift says on Chelsea Lately, airing Wednesday on E!. "You can walk around and have conversations with yourself and like, sing your thoughts. … I think I'm the only one who does that."

Swift, 20, tells host Chelsea Handler that it'll probably never get wilder than that. "I have the deeply engrained fear of getting into trouble and being sent the principal's office of life," the singer says.

And don't expect Swift to become a fixture at the bar scene once she turns 21 next month, though she does see some perks coming her way.

"I get to go to the concerts now that my friends [used to] leave me at home for," she said.

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