Leslie Nielsen's Most Memorable (and Funny) Movie Moments

Leslie Nielsen Dead, His Best Moments
Leslie Nielsen
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11/29/2010 AT 11:15 AM EST

Surely he was serious about his comedy. When Leslie Nielsen died at age 84 on Sunday, the actor left behind a fleet of memorable moments from his most beloved films, including Airplane!, The Naked Gun and its follow-up films, The Naked Gun 2½ and The Naked Gun 33 ½.

Here's a look back at some of his best (and funniest) on screen clips:

Nielsen's most-quotable line from Airplane!

Singing – or remembering the words – may not have been his character's forte, but here's Nielsen, as Lt. Frank Drebin, belting out the National Anthem in Naked Gun.

A collection of his most laugh-out-loud moments from the Naked Gun movies.

Tell us: What are your favorite Leslie Nielsen on-screen moments?

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