Sneak Peek at Glee: Will Kurt Fit in at Dalton Academy?

11/30/2010 AT 02:00 PM EST

In Tuesday's episode of Glee, Kurt is going to get his first taste of life as a Dalton Academy Warbler – and if he couldn't tell by their buttoned-up appearance, the guys at the all-male school are a lot less casual than the glee clubbers of McKinley High.

In a clip posted to YouTube, which has since been removed, Kurt is welcomed as "the newest Warbler" with the slam of a gavel and an actual warbler. "Kurt, meet Pavarati," "Teenage Dreamboat" Blaine says as he hands him a birdcage that contains a little yellow bird.

"This bird is a member of an unbroken line of canaries who have been at Dalton since 1891," a council member tells the newbie. "It's your job to take care of him so he can live to carry on the Warbler legacy. Protect him – that bird is your voice."

Kurt looks worried but uses humor to hide his fears. "Hey, I'll bring him to work with me. Weekends I volunteer at a stray cat rescue," he says with a nervous laugh. "It's at the bottom of a coal mine." Sadly, his jokes get no response.

Above Kurt joins the Warblers for a performance of Train's "Hey Soul Sister."

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