VIDEO: Woman Addicted to Eating Toilet Paper

12/30/2010 AT 03:00 PM EST

Everyone knows that Snooki enjoys pickles. And Kim Kardashian loves lollipops. But there's a new reality star on the rise and her favorite snack is toilet paper!

Meet Kesha Davis, who appeared on TLC's new reality show My Strange Addiction Wednesday night.

"I love eating toilet paper," Davis, 34, says. "A bulky roll with the two-ply – I can probably take down half the roll in one day."

Davis says she carries toilet paper with her in her purse and in her car for easy access and she loves to go to the movies where she can enjoy her favorite snack without drawing attention to her unusual habit.

"Something is definitely wrong with her to be sitting up eating tissue," Ella, Kesha's mom, says in a clip from the show.

So why does Davis do it? "I like how it feels when it goes on my tongue," she tells her sister Jenny. "You should try it ... I guess it's an acquired taste."

Wednesday marked the premiere of My Strange Addiction and Kesha shared the inaugural episode with Lori, a woman who sleeps with her blow dryer in the bed – while it's on.

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