John Travolta's Baby Benjamin: Youngest Copilot Ever?

John Travolta's Baby Benjamin Has Already Flown in Dad's Airplane
John Travolta
Juan Rico//Fame

01/23/2011 AT 02:00 PM EST

At just 2 months old, John Travolta's son Benjamin has earned his wings.

"I've already taken him in the cockpit with me," says the pilot/actor, who flew his son to Maine for Christmas when Benjamin was 10 days old.

And when baby Benjamin isn't airborne with dad, he's getting plenty of attention from sister Ella.

"She's a good older sister," Travolta told PEOPLE at the Living Legends of Aviation Awards on Friday night in Beverly Hills. "She's a good baby nurse. She's just terrific. But I think at 10 you're ready for that. There's no jealousy. So I think we timed that part of it just right. It's beautiful."

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