Camille Grammer Calls Kyle Richards a 'Bully' on Real Housewives Reunion

01/27/2011 AT 12:30 PM EST

What happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas.

It was one of the biggest spats of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' first season but Kyle Richards and Camille Grammer tried (sort of) to squash the conflict that began on a weekend getaway to Sin City and spread across the country, resulting in another blowup in New York City.

Until now, that is.

On Thursday's controversial, the women will rehash the incident that sparked the feud and it appears to be no less heated. When Camille said she was going to Hawaii without husband Kelsey Grammer, Kyle recalls saying, "Oh really?" she says on the reunion. "'Cause I'm thinking, that's normal for your husband to meet you on spring break."

But Camille interpreted the remark as Kyle really saying, "Why would anyone be interested in you without your big star husband," host Andy Cohen says.

"You felt that but I didn't," Kyle snaps back. "Why would I want you on the show and not want them to film you?"

That's when Camille accuses Kyle of being a "bully."

"Quit using the buzz word of the moment, Camille," Kyle says.

Camille then says that Kyle started calling her "delusional" and now "everyone in America thinks that I'm delusional."

Kyle's explanation: "That's because you say things that aren't true."

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