George W. Bush's Daughter Endorses Gay Marriage

02/01/2011 AT 11:15 AM EST

Barbara Bush, a twin daughter of Laura and George W. Bush, is openly bucking a policy her father promoted as president. She is publicly endorsing gay marriage.

"I am Barbara Bush, and I am a New Yorker for marriage equality," Bush, who lives in New York City (sister Jenna Bush Hager is also moving there), says in the filmed message on behalf of The Human Rights Campaign, a national gay advocacy group. "New York is about fairness and equality. And everyone should have the right to marry the person that they love."

She concludes her message by stating, "Join us."

As President, George W. Bush pushed for a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex unions. But his daughter, 29, actually joins the offspring of other prominent Republicans in vocally opposing such a view.

As noted by The New York Times, both Meghan McCain, whose father John McCain ran for GOP president in 2008, and Mary Cheney, the lesbian daughter of Bush's Vice President Dick Cheney, are outspoken supporters of same-sex marriage.

In addition, reports The Times, in a May 2010 TV interview, former First Lady Laura Bush said, "When couples are committed to each other and love each other" they are entitled to "the same sort of rights that everyone has."

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