Michael Jackson's Kids Want to be Movie Stars

02/25/2011 AT 12:15 PM EST

It seems only fitting that Michael Jackson's children would have their eyes set on a career in the entertainment industry.

The King of Pop's eldest children, Prince, 14, and Paris, 12, may not be reaching for the microphone like their late father, but they both have Hollywood dreams – something their grandmother Katherine Jackson says would have made her son proud.

"I'm looking at a couple of opportunities in show business – mostly producing," Prince told ABC News.

His interest in movie production was nurtured by his father, he said, and it's a sentiment his sister Paris, who wants to be an actress, shares.

"I'm thinking about auditioning for a play next week," she said.

This artistic spirit, which seemingly runs in the family (although no word yet if Jackson's youngest son Prince Michael, nicknamed Blanket, 9, is joining in), is something that is honed at home, their grandmother said. And there seems to be no sibling rivalry between Paris and Prince.

"Paris dresses up like a little waitress or something," Katherine said, "and they shoot their little movies [together]."

As for wisdom from someone who's been in the industry, Michael Jackson's brother Jackie told PEOPLE his advice to his talented niece and nephew.

Joking about the Jackson 5 era, he said, "I told the kids, 'You better get busy because when we were your age, we were selling out concerts."

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