John Galliano Fired from Dior

John Galliano Fired from Dior
John Galliano

03/01/2011 AT 11:30 AM EST

Disgraced designer John Galliano is officially out at Christian Dior, the fashion house decided Tuesday.

"In light of the deeply offensive statements and conduct by John Galliano in a video made public [Monday], Christian Dior has commenced termination procedures against him," read the announcement.

The designer, 50, after he was accused of making racial and anti-Semitic remarks in a Paris café, was originally suspended by the company, but after new revelations (and a video) that surfaced over the weekend, Dior was forced part ways with him.

The executives of the fashion house added Tuesday: "We unequivocally condemn the statements made by John Galliano which are in total contradiction to the longstanding core values of Christian Dior."

Natalie Portman, 29, the current face of Dior, also released a statement Tuesday to say she was "shocked and disgusted" over Galliano's comments.

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