Charlie Sheen Home Video Reveals 'Shrine' to Son Bob

03/04/2011 AT 05:20 PM EST

Charlie Sheen has opened a window into his life – and now he's revealing home video of inside his Beverly Hills mansion.

The footage – which will air as part of a Dateline NBC interview Friday – shows Sheen and his "goddesses," Rachel Oberlin and Natalie Kenly, and several male pals hanging around the house, chatting, laughing and paying homage to a "shrine" set up in honor of Sheen's son, Bob, who was taken away by police, along with twin brother Max, earlier this week.

"This is the actual sippy cup or bottle that Bob was holding the other night as I put him in the car," Sheen says, referring to the moment authorities removed the boys from the actor's care and returned them to mom Brooke Mueller.

"As a little shrine, much like in the Notre Dame locker room going onto the field you tap a sign that says, 'Play Like a Champion Today,' so as we walk by this in our house [we] tap the bottle and keep going."

The Two and a Half Men star is followed by a procession of people touching the bottle. Sheen then proclaims to the camera with a grin, "We're coming for you, Bob."

Mueller, meanwhile, took her sons out to an L.A. burger joint on Thursday.

In another section of the video, a sweaty Sheen is seen working out intensely in what appears to by his home gym and listening to Eminem. He later shows off a garden gnome in his backyard.

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