It's Good to Be Ivana!

updated 03/07/2011 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 03/07/2011 AT 01:00 AM EST

Ask Ivana Trump just how many rooms are in Concha Marina, her palatial 1920s Palm Beach mansion, and she pauses. "David, how many bedrooms do we have?" she calls to David Moya, her estate manager and chauffeur of 20 years. "Nine," he answers. "How many bathrooms?" she asks. He responds. "Oh!" she says with a giggle: "Nine bedrooms and 13 bathrooms."

Did we mention David is a tall, tanned, taut former Argentinean soccer player? "All my girlfriends are hitting on him," says Ivana, 62, the larger-than-life ex of mogul Donald Trump. No, Ivana isn't getting familiar with the help. For one thing, she was just divorced from husband No. 4, Italian reality star Rossano Rubicondi, 38, early this year (they separated in 2008 after six months together). "We are still very, very good friends," says Ivana. And she's got a new steady, Michael Kennedy, a 50-something art-gallery owner whom she met in Manhattan. "He is absolutely adorable!" says Ivana. "I'm taking it slow."

Which means that for now, the lady of the house mostly has the place to herself. Since buying the 18,300-sq.-ft. home in 1994 for $4.4 million-it's now reportedly being shown to brokers for a price of $24 million-the Czech-born socialite has added glitz. "It is very sexy," she purrs of her style, which includes hand-painted ceilings and Swarovski chandeliers. But she still considers it a place where her kids-Donald Jr., 33, Ivanka, 29, and Eric, 27-along with Donald Jr.'s children Kai Madison, 3, and Donald III, 2, can feel at home. "If they want peace and quiet, they come to me," she says. And when she's not at home? Check the local Costco, where she shops in a sparkly jogging suit. (Ivana loves a deal.) "People," she says with a laugh, "are in shock when they see me."

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