Prince Harry Throws Prince William's Top-Secret Bachelor Party

Prince William's Bachelor Party Wrapped in Secrecy
Princes William (left) and Harry
Fergus Greer

03/28/2011 AT 08:35 AM EDT

What happens at a bachelor party stays at a bachelor party.

That was the plan and – so far, at least – that is how it has worked out for Prince Harry, who organized his brother Prince William's secret, men-only bash over the weekend.

Unfortunately for those eager for a glimpse of the fun and games, few details have emerged, beyond official word from the princes' office that the get-together occurred.

"I can confirm that Prince William's stag party has taken place" is the extent of the message. Given that it was "an entirely private event," the office has no plans to comment further.

Close friends of William left London for a country estate for the weekend of fun. The guest-list, reported to be around 20 strong, included close friends Thomas van Straubenzee, James Meade, nightclub owner Guy Pelly and any number of the four van Cutsem brothers.

The most widely speculated site for the venue, reports the Daily Telegraph, was a country house close to the van Cutsem family base in Norfolk.

Also, the princes apparently switched the party theme once word got out that it was to center around watersports.

Meanwhile, it remains unknown when (and certainly where) Kate Middleton will have her bachelorette party. She's been heavily involved in the organizing of the April 29 wedding, including taking charge of plans for the spectacular wedding cake.

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