Stephen Colbert & Jimmy Fallon Sing Rebecca Black's 'Friday'

04/02/2011 AT 04:15 PM EDT

Just how excited is Rebecca Black? She's probably partying now that her viral hit "Friday" just got some all-star attention.

Sure, today is Saturday, but Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon got the weekend started just right on Friday's Late Night with Jimmy Fallon – performing a spirited cover of Black's tune, which caused a sensation when it premiered online in March.

With the Roots backing them, the guys pulled out all the stops, skipping around the stage and even getting the AutoTune treatment for the song's much quoted (and maligned) refrain: "Yesterday was Thursday/Today is Friday/We so excited/We gonna have a ball today."

In a final flourish, former American Idol winner Taylor Hicks slides on stage and helps the guys bring the song to a rousing conclusion.

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