Watch Sarah Silverman Make Out … with a Unicorn!

04/05/2011 AT 12:00 AM EDT

Here's one video you don't want to myth.

In this bizarre clip, Sarah Silverman canoodles with – wait for it – a unicorn. And not just any unicorn, but a musical one, who bangs his hooves on a piano made of clouds along to Aerosmith's "Angel."

The music video, which debuted on YouTube on Tuesday, shows the comedienne and her magical pal blissfully happy, sharing romantic dinners, until she discovers a text message from another woman (Or a horse. Or something).
"I know I have horse-like features but I'm a person!" a broken-hearted Silverman cries before hoofing it, leaving the philandering filly to ponder his mistake.

But fear not. There is a happy ending.

Serenading Unicorn is Juicy Fruit's online virtual singing telegram, who offers musical messages like "Your Haircut Is Growing on Me" and does covers of songs like "Gangsta's Paradise."

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