Britney Spears's 'Till the World Ends' Video Debuts

04/06/2011 AT 10:50 AM EDT

Watch out: It's Dec. 21, 2012 – and the sky is falling! But Britney Spears just wants to dance.

In a brand new video for her hit, "Till the World Ends," the pop star is the center of attention in an underground, futuristic club scene, while above ground asteroids threaten to destroy the city.

In a series of sexy costumes – a studded leather jacket, shoulder pads and a skimpy leotard, and a netted red catsuit – Spears dances around among a chorus of edgy-looking revelers.

As sunlight penetrates the dark sky and filters down, Spears sings, "See the sunlight / we ain't stopping / keep on dancing / till the world ends / if you feel it / let it happen/ keep on dancing / till the world ends."

As the party continues in the warm yellow light, the video for "Slave 4 U" certainly comes to mind. In the end, Spears pops up out of a manhole and flashes her famous smile and it seems, in that moment, that everything will be alright.
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