Chely Wright Says Yes to the (Wedding) Dress

Chely Wright Says Yes to the (Wedding) Dress
Chely Wright (left) and Lauren Blitzer
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04/18/2011 AT 05:35 PM EDT

In the midst of planning an interfaith, same-sex wedding, country singer Chely Wright says she's all about tradition, right down to the gown.

"It will definitely be a wedding dress," she says. But there's a complicating factor in that fiancée Lauren Blitzer will also be wearing white.

"When two women get married, you want the dresses to coordinate, so we've been showing pictures to each other," Wright, 40, told PEOPLE after a Nashville Film Festival screening of Wish Me Away, an autobiographical film about her decision last year to come out.

One tradition they'll do without? "We're not wearing veils – we both like our hair too much!" she says.

Wright met Blitzer, an activist for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities, only 14 days after the singer came out. Their wedding is to take place Aug. 20 at the Connecticut home of Blitzer's aunt (the state recognizes same-sex marriages).

"We're old fashioned in that way – we want to be legally married," says Wright, who currently lives with Blitzer in New York City.

Because Blitzer is Jewish and Wright is Christian, their outdoor nuptials will be performed by both a rabbi and a reverend, and the celebration will feature barbecue from New York's Blue Smoke. "Lauren's idea – not my influence!" Wright is quick to point out. "I don't even eat meat!"

There will also be a deejay, not a band. "Bands at weddings make me nervous," says Wright. "Sometimes they're not great, and I'd be going, 'Ugh, that doesn't sound right.' So we're going to play all the campiest, cheesiest songs you can think of – 'Vogue,' 'You Shook Me All Night Long.' "

A Country Snub?

Though the guest list will include more than 200 people, it’s unlikely many will be from Nashville.

Since Wright declared her sexuality last year, she has received support from some in the country music community, including Faith Hill, who sent "a really beautiful email celebrating my coming out saying, 'I'm proud and happy for you,' " says Wright.

The singer also notes that Brad Paisley, whom she dated for several years while she struggled with her sexual identity, made a "very nice donation" to her Reading, Writing and Rhythm charity for musical education.

On the other hand, Wright says she has yet to be invited to any industry events since her big announcement. "My first performance on the Grand Ole Opry was in 1989, and I was kind of an Opry darling," she says. "I'd be called to perform at least every 10 weeks, until my coming out. Since then, I've not heard a peep."

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