Maya Rudolph's Real-Life Bridesmaid Horror Story

Maya Rudolph's Real-Life Bridesmaid Horror Story

05/15/2011 AT 11:30 AM EDT

She plays a bride in the new comedy Bridesmaids, but in real life Maya Rudolph has more experience as a bridesmaid – for a very unlucky bride-to-be.

"My girlfriend was getting married and we were all about to go to Mexico," says Rudolph, 38, who costars in the new comedy with Kristen Wiig. "We had this whole trip planned; we all put money in for the place, the airplane, everything."

The hitch?

"My girlfriend got so sick that she was on antibiotics and was instructed not to fly. The bride couldn't fly. Everything was paid for, so we all had to go. So we all went without her. It was kind of pathetic and sad."

Fortunately, the bride got her happy ending – eventually.

"She missed her bachelorette party," says Rudolph, who is expecting her third child with longtime partner Paul Thomas Anderson. "But she got married!"


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