5 Funniest Moments from SNL's Season Finale

updated 05/22/2011 AT 10:00 AM EDT

originally published 05/22/2011 AT 07:15 AM EDT

Put Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga together on a live show and things are bound to get a little crazy.

The dynamic duo didn't disappoint on this weekend's season finale of Saturday Night Live. With Timberlake, 30, now a seasoned pro at hosting the show, it's little surprise he brought back some of his best characters. The real eye-opener is that Gaga can really deliver a gag.

Aside from rocking out, the "Born This Way" singer, 25, got big laughs in several comedy sketches.

Here are a few of the funniest moments:

1. Timberlake couldn't help but sing
After doing double-duty in the past as both the show's host and musical guest, this time Timberlake vowed he wasn't going to sing. Of course he couldn't help but belt out a tune. In the monologue, the musician performed the song "I'm Not Gonna Sing," about – what else? – not singing.

2. 'Three-way' digital short
After the success of the digital shorts "D--- in a Box" (an Emmy winner for its writing) and "Mother Lover," it was safe to assume Timberlake and partner Andy Samberg, 32, would bust out another song in their finest '90s duds. Picking up where "Mother Lover" left off, and including cameos by Susan Sarandon and Patricia Clarkson, the latest installment had the duo involved in a three-way with none other than Lady Gaga. Proclaiming "it's okay when it's a three-way," the two took their relationship to the next level.

3. Gaga's a triple threat
Gaga proved Timberlake isn't the only musician with comedic chops. She earned big laughs in a "Liquorville" sketch, beat Timberlake in a "What's That Name?" game show and formed part of a Samberg-Timberlake sandwich in "Three-way." Oh yeah, she sang and danced, too.

4. Timberlake reprises his 'Bring It on Down' sketch
Another of the star's memorable past SNL appearances included his "Bring It on Down to Plasticville" sketch, in which he wore a breast implant costume. This time, Timberlake was dressed as a beer bottle singing alcohol-themed parodies of songs to promote Liquorville, while trying to outdo Kristin Wiig in a teabag costume. The kicker was Lady Gaga, dressed as a wine bottle, coming out to accompany Timberlake.

5. Gaga gives birth
After performing "Edge of Glory" at the piano and then jumping up to do a rollicking dance number to "Judas" during her first performance, Gaga had planned a big finale. While it wasn't a surprise that she chose to end with "Born This Way," it was startling when she emerged mid-performance with a fake pregnant belly. The pop star proceeded to give birth on stage – to glitter.

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