Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Are Wedding Crashers

07/18/2011 AT 03:55 PM EDT

Call it the ultimate wedding gift.

Justin Bieber and girlfriend Selena Gomez gave a pair of newlyweds a special surprise on their big day when they made an unannounced appearance at their Malibu celebration Friday night. And it's going in the wedding album.

"Last night at my cousin Jeanine's wedding reception, out of nowhere, Justin Bieber shows up while one of his songs was being karaoked by one of the wedding guests," a YouTube description of the star-studded cameo reads. "He stated that he was driving by the reception in Malibu and heard a party and his song being sung, so he decided to check out the event and ended up making a celebrity appearance."

Before the two took off, Bieber, 17, posed for pictures with the bride and groom, as well as some guests, while Gomez, 18, waited off to the side. His hit "One Less Lonely Girl" was playing in the background.

"WEDDING CRASHERS last night," Bieber Tweeted. "hahaha. too funny. crazy story."
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