America's Got Talent: Acts (Mostly) Fail to Impress Judges

07/20/2011 AT 09:00 AM EDT

Tuesday night's taping of America's Got Talent brought out an eclectic group of acts, but among the variety – including a magician, comedian, juggler and female singer-songwriter whose appearance resembled Justin Bieber – only a small portion stood out for the right reasons.

Judge Piers Morgan, who used his buzzer four times during the night, seemed unimpressed with the majority of acts altogether. Although there were three acts that received negative feedback from all three judges, one in particular came off as especially disappointing.

Following a knife-slinging, gun-shooting audition in June that had the judges and the audience's jaws dropping, the cowboy-cowgirl duo Rhinestone Ropers came back with an anticlimactic performance that involved a lasso and their horse Lucky Joe.

"It's lovely and nice and it wasn't exciting," judge Sharon Osbourne said. "[It was] more like a kid's birthday party."

Judge Howie Mandel agreed. "You didn't step it up for this [round]," he said.

But it was Morgan who really couldn't hold back. "Let's be honest here," he said. "That was a complete train wreck of an act ... That was not a million dollar act. It was around the $5 mark."

But it wasn't all bad. The best act of the night was saved for last. Silhouettes, a 40-person dance group, created American-themed shapes – the Statue of Liberty, the U.S. Capital, Mount Rushmore – behind a screen, using only their bodies. They received a standing ovation from the audience and the judges as well as the largest applause of the night. "That was complete genius," Morgan said. "I'm proud you're on our show." Osbourne called the performance "incredible" and "brilliant," and Mandel said the members of the all-girl group were "already stars." (Watch a clip above.)

• Another dance group, the black and neon green-clad Attack Dance Crew, was a disappointment. Both Morgan and Osbourne said they weren't into the choreography during their hip-hop number, while Mandel flat out says the all-male group's act reminded him of cheerleading. "This doesn't seem up to par with what dance is on AGT," he said.

• Dressing in all red, white and blue showed that Thomas John is a proud American, but it didn't do anything to help him prove his talent. Earning buzzes from both Osbourne and Morgan for a juggling act gone wrong, John admitted his "timing was a little bit off." Calling the act "absolutely terrible," Morgan said he was "really disappointed."

• Musician Daniel Joseph Baker had the judges going gaga for his rendition of Lady Gaga's "Edge of Glory." Morgan called him "infectious," while Osbourne exclaimed that he is "a star."

• The Smage Bros., a biker duo, did jumps and dives on their wheelers, and even hopped over a person lying on the ground. Receiving a standing ovation from the crowd, the brothers were thanked by Morgan for helping improve a "pretty mediocre night," calling their act, "incredibly dangerous and exciting." Osbourne said it was "just fantastic [and] amazing."
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