The Celebrity Mug Shot Smirk-a-Thon

Samantha Ronson Arrested: Celebrity Mug Shots
Clockwise from top left: Samantha Ronson, Michelle Rodriguez, Paris Hilton and Matthew McConaughey
Courtesy SBCSD; Splash News Online; Ramey

08/03/2011 AT 06:25 PM EDT

Getting arrested is no laughing matter, but it seems a handful of celebrities didn't get that memo.

Samantha Ronson – who was detained Monday morning for allegedly driving under the influence – is the latest public figure to slap a smirk on her face while getting her mug shot taken.

Michelle Rodriguez, who was arrested on DUI charges in 2006, displayed a similar expression for her unfortunate photo op.

A perfectly coiffed Paris Hilton looked camera-ready as ever when she got busted for cocaine possession in 2010.

Matthew McConaughey also appeared to be grinning in his 1998 mug shot. (Found nude in his home with marijuana paraphernalia inside the residence, the actor may have just been in a giddy state of mind.)

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