America's Got Talent: Dance Acts Dominate the Competition

08/03/2011 AT 07:55 AM EDT

Last week, the musical acts hit a high note on America's Got Talent. This week, it was all about the dancers – both serious and silly – that earned the judges' stamps of approval.

Zuma Zuma, the second act of the evening, made hardheaded Piers Morgan a newfound fan of pole dancing.

"That is exactly the kind I enjoy," Morgan told the Kenya-bred men's group, who courageously jumped and flipped from pole to pole. "[This performance was] exuberant, vibrant. If you're having fun, so is the audience."

Fellow judge Sharon Osbourne admired the group's "great speed and enthusiasm," while Howie Mandel praised their performance for being "dangerous" and "exciting."

Three acts later, Sam B. took the stage. The stout male – clad in a bright gold sparkly jacket – didn't do much more than wiggle, jump and sandwich himself in between a handful of women. But for some reason, that performance, which took place in front of a neon, '80s-themed backdrop, was enough to win over the fans and (most of) the judges. (Watch a clip.)

"You are unique and I think you might become a lot of peoples' guilty pleasure," Osbourne said, as the adoring crowd chanted Sam B.'s name while holding up signs in his honor.

Also in favor of the silly performance was Mandel, who said, "I hope America goes to the phone and dials in [to vote for you]. Don't change anything."

Morgan, who buzzed the goofy act, didn't find the performance as entertaining.

"It's time for a reality check," he said. "You [were] charging around like a herd of rhinoceroses. I hope America does hit the phones – and votes for any other act."

But Fatally Unique, one of the final acts of the night, was more to Morgan's liking. After a less-than-stellar performance in Las Vegas, the dance group came back with a vengeance.

"The dancers tonight seem to be bringing it on," Mandel said, acknowledging the ones that came before, then adding that Fatally Unique was "energetic and unique."
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