America's Got Talent Wildcard Round: Judges' Favorites Get Second Chance

08/17/2011 AT 09:30 AM EDT

America has voted, and the contestants going on to the semi-finals of this season's America's Got Talent have been selected.

But according to judges Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel, some contestants were wrongly eliminated from the competition. And thanks to Tuesday's wildcard round, each judge picked four favorites to vie for a second shot at the semi-finals.

The Kinetic King – who failed miserably last week – redeemed himself with a unique demonstration of the domino effect, using cans, plastic cups, balloons and metal trash cans. Watch a clip above.

"Everyone in America doubted you after last time," hard-to-please Morgan said after the act. "But tonight you proved you're the king. You're the man."

Meanwhile, West Springfield Dance Team, who impressed judges last week, failed to step it up, according to the judges.

The darkly dressed dance crew, in long green wigs and white face paint, performed to Marilyn Manson's "Beautiful People."

"I didn't see one move that blew me away," Mandel told the group. "I don't know that you amped it up to the next level."

Piers agreed, saying the routine "wasn't as good as the last performance."

Comedian J. Chris Newberg made Morgan part of his act, taking jabs at the judge. Morgan quickly buzzed the jokester but in the end he was praised for his wit.

"That deeply offensive, woefully inaccurate and funny," Morgan said. Osbourne told Newberg he had "balls of steel" and called the act "very, very good."

Before the end of the night, the Summerwind Skippers did more than just convince Morgan that jump roping can be "sexy." They made jumping rope into a daredevil sport.

Hopping, skipping, jumping and flipping in between flaming ropes to the sounds of Ke$ha's "Blow," the Skippers did a "great job," according to Morgan.
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