Anderson Cooper Has Giggle Fit Discussing Gérard Depardieu

08/18/2011 AT 10:50 AM EDT

Turns out Anderson Cooper couldn't hold it, either.

While reporting on Gérard Depardieu's public urination on a plane, the CNN anchor lost a bit of control himself on his show Wednesday night – practically collapsing in a fit of giggles while lobbing pun after pun at the French actor's expense.

What tickled Cooper in particular was the joke that at least Gerard went No. 1 and not "Depard-2."

Rubbing tears from his eyes, Cooper, 44, could barely speak toward the end of the segment, though he somehow managed to mutter an apology to viewers. "Sorry, this has actually never happened to me," he said.

Depardieu, 62, surely could have said the same.
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