Melissa McCarthy's Top 5 Moments on SNL

10/02/2011 AT 09:40 AM EDT

It's been a year of career milestones for Melissa McCarthy: a Best Actress Emmy for her sitcom Mike & Molly, striking box office gold with Bridesmaids and, on Saturday night, her first hosting gig on SNL.

"This is a dream come true," McCarthy said on the show, before warning her kids to go to bed because, "Mama's about to get pretty inappropriate." Here are the five moments not to fast forward through on your DVR:

1. The opening monologue
McCarthy recaptured a little Bridesmaids magic when the monologue launched into a song and dance routine with Kristen Wiig. But the really impressive part? McCarthy saunters around the stage in six-inch heels.

2. Arlene the sexed-up office worker
She asks Jason Sudeikis's character, "Are you my Italian Stallion?" before tongue-kissing a pony balloon. Hopefully, the kids took mom's advice and were fast asleep by this point.

3. 'Can you Garlic Ranch Blast me now?'
Playing Linda, the over-enthusiastic focus group attendee desperate to come up with Hidden Valley Ranch's new slogan, was definitely a high point despite the cringe-worthy gulping of a bottle of ranch dressing.

4. Bombastic Blond Lulu Diamonds
A retrospective on an old Hollywood actress who couldn't make it up a staircase without falling put McCarthy's physical comedy skills on display.

5. Girl in a Bar, with Taser
While being picked up in a bar (by Andy Samberg's character) McCarthy tells her would-be suitor, "My lifelong nickname is Skid Marks, but I’ve never owned a car."
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