The Water Bowl: Dog Survives 15 Stab Wounds

10/07/2011 AT 11:45 AM EDT

These stories are worth a click:

Rocky the dog was stabbed 15 times during a murder-suicide in Milford, Conn., two weeks ago. Police say Kenneth Fox stabbed and strangled his wife in their home, then used the knife on his dog before hanging himself. The couple's teenage son is turning to the dog for strength to get through the ordeal.–

A Chaska, Minn., cat narrowly escaped death when it was discovered hiding inside of a car motor. A local woman heard a strange noise when she turned her vehicle on but quickly turned it off to investigate.–

Who is Lucy the goldendoodle's rightful owner? Margaret Healy says the dog is hers since she's been caring for it for the past two years after her brother, Jim O'Hanlon, split with his wife. O'Hanlon's ex-wife and daughter disagree and are embroiled in a messy lawsuit. –

San Francisco dog owners, who outnumber people with children in the city, have formed a political action group called Dog-PAC, which aims to keep issues like maintaining open space for dogs in the forefront during this mayoral campaign season.–

Is crafting with cat hair the latest fashion trend?–

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