Harry Belafonte Appears to Fall Asleep During TV Interview

10/18/2011 AT 01:00 PM EDT

Was it just "too early" in the Day-O?

The puns are already flying after a video emerged showing legendary performer Harry Belafonte apparently snoozing during a television interview Friday. A video shows a local news anchor greeting Belafonte via satellite only to find the legendary singer sitting with his eyes closed and his face peaceful.

He had no reaction to the newscaster's greeting, nor to her attempt to prod him awake with, "Harry? Wake up, wake up." When he didn't stir, she told viewers, "He's taking a little nap."

But the "Day-O (Banana Boat Song)" singer's rep says Belafonte was just taking a moment to rest before he began the interview with the local Bakersfield, Calif., television station while they were dealing with a "technical glitch."

"After weeks of literally hundreds of interviews promoting his HBO documentary [Sing Your Song], memoir and CD, Mr. Belafonte had an early morning satellite TV tour this past Friday," his rep Ken Sunshine tells PEOPLE in a statement. "His earpiece wasn't working, so he decided to take the time to meditate before the rest of his Day-O."

He added: "Mr. Belafonte is 84 years young, but sharper and more awake than most who have been interviewing him. Maybe the world would be a better place if more people took a moment to meditate."
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