Lindsay Lohan Gets New Smile from Celebrity Dentist

updated 10/30/2011 AT 09:00 PM EDT

originally published 10/30/2011 AT 03:10 PM EDT

Cosmetic dentist Dr. Bill Dorfman, whose Web site features Eva Longoria, Anne Hathaway and Jessica Simpson, gets a shout-out from his latest famous patient: Lindsay Lohan.

"Thanks Dr. Dorfman for the zoom," Tweets the formerly yellow-toothed Lohan, with a picture showing her newly pearled whites. "My gums are so sore though!"

Zoom! is a teeth-whitening procedure seen on Extreme Makeover, on which Dorfman appears, and it comes just in time for Lohan.

She'll soon be wearing only a smile in Playboy.
Mike Fleeman
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