Jimmy Fallon's Take on the Bieber Baby Scandal

11/04/2011 AT 01:20 PM EDT

Justin Bieber is playing it straight on the allegations that he fathered a baby with a fan.

"None of it is true ... never met the woman," the 17-year-old singer said on Today Friday. "I know that I'm going to be a target, but I'm never going to be a victim."

Maybe not a victim, but easily the butt of late night jokes.

Jimmy Fallon weighed in on the baby-gate Wednesday night, performing "(It's Not My) Baby" on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon as a dead ringer for the pop star. (Chorus: "It's not my baby, baby, baby, no, it's not my baby, baby, baby, no ...")

It was only a matter of time.
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