Jessica Limpert Finds Love on The Biggest Loser

Biggest Loser: Jessica Limpert Finds Love on the Show
Jessica Limpert before and after The Biggest Loser
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11/08/2011 AT 03:45 PM EST

Getting eliminated from The Biggest Loser is tough for any contestant. But when Jessica Limpert left the Ranch she was instantly separated from her new love, fellow contestant Ramon Medeiros.

Perhaps trainer Anna Kournikova was right when she said their budding romance would be a distraction. But Limpert begs to differ. "People are going to doubt us, but we push each other so much we're strong together," she said during a conference call with reporters after her exit from the show.

While Medeiros has no problem gushing about his romance on the Ranch an in front of the cameras, Limpert says she's "very private."

"We met on the show so it makes sense," she said. "It's weird when he says I love you on TV, but it's very real so I'm okay with it."

Parting was sweet sorrow for the couple as they exchanged encouraging words. "He reminded me that I needed to go home and work my butt off for this marathon. And I reminded him that I might not be here, but I'm in your head and you'd better be working hard."

Limpert says splitting from original teammates Medeiros and Vinny Hickerson was "the hardest part of the season." And then came elimination after the new red team, which included John Rhode and Bonnie Griffin, lost the least amount of weight.

But Limpert is walking away from the show with a new outlook – and new training schedule as she prepares to run the end-of-season marathon. "I'm learning to respect myself and have better self esteem," she said. "I'm worth it."

Jessica Limpert Finds Love on The Biggest Loser| The Biggest Loser, Alison Sweeney

Jessica Limperet and Ramon Medeiros

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