Uncle Chichi, Possibly the World's Oldest Dog, Dies

Uncle Chichi, Possibly the World's Oldest Dog, Dies
ChiChi in Croatia
Frank Pavich

01/23/2012 AT 11:00 AM EST

After more than two decades spent traveling the world and hanging out on his stomping ground of New York City's West Village, one of the world's oldest dogs, ChiChi, died last Tuesday. The grey poodle was "somewhere between 24 and 26 years old."

ChiChi – fondly referred to as Uncle Chichi – had been suffering of complications from cancer, according to his owners, Frank Pavich and Janet Puhalovic. "Although he remained mentally alert until the very last moment, his body ultimately gave up on him," they wrote in a post on Uncle Chichi's Facebook page.

ChiChi was first adopted by Pavich in South Carolina 24 years ago. In his later years, the dog went blind and deaf, but "remained undeterred," staying playful and full of life in spite of his limitations.

Though he never received the official honor of being the world's oldest dog – lack of documentation was to blame – ChiChi lived a remarkable life, and in 2010, traveled to Croatia, Italy and Slovenia, among other places in Europe, and even lived in Switzerland.

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