Yikes! Kim Kardashian Freaks Out Over Komodo Dragon

Kim Kardashian Hosts Live with Kelly, Freaks Out Over Lizard
Courtesy Kim Kardashian

01/26/2012 AT 09:00 AM EST

She put herself out there Monday as cohost of "Live! With Kelly, where she rehashed her recent divorce and the time she spent "soul-searching."

But there was one place Kim Kardashian was not going: anywhere near a Komodo dragon that visited the show.

The large lizard was a guest in a segment with animal expert Peter Gros, and Kardashian recoiled at the mere sight of the hissing critter. When Gros tried to get the reality star to come in a little closer, she backed away, terrified.

"The tongue, the tongue!" she squealed.

It took a little encouragement from Ripa for Kardashian to hold out her wrist for the lizard to sniff.

"He wants to smell – what's the name of your new fragrance?" Ripa joked.

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