Josh Hutcherson Is Enamored of Ryan Gosling

02/08/2012 AT 01:45 PM EST

As Hollywood role models go, you can't do much better than Ryan Gosling.

Among the budding young actors under his spell is Josh Hutcherson, one of the stars of The Hunger Games, who says he admires Gosling's total immersion in the craft.

"I'm a big fan," Hutcherson, 19, says in a new video interview with Elle. "I like his subtleties and how he really internalizes a lot of the emotion. And for me, that's kind of my style. So, he's definitely a big person to look up to."

As for Hutcherson's own personal style – well, that's harder for the teenager to define.

"My personal style has seen so many highs and lows. Probably more lows than highs," he says with a laugh. "Now, I don't even know what I'd call my style. T-shirt and jeans style now is where I'm at. Maybe a little rock 'n' roll T-shirt and jeans."

When it comes to date night, Hutcherson – who last year was rumored to be involved with Journey 2: The Mysterious Island costar Vanessa Hudgens – says you might as well go big or go home.

"I'm a big romantic, traditional, cheesy guy," he says. "I'm all about going to the beach, under the stars. That's a real 'date' date. Other than that, dinner and movie, that's just classic. There's a reason why it's a traditional kind of date."
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