The Voice: Pip, Jordis Unga Among Most Promising Contestants

02/14/2012 AT 10:25 AM EST

The spots are filling up!

After another round of blind auditions on Monday's episode of NBC's The Voice, Christina Aguilera has six of her 12 teammates in place. Blake Shelton and Cee Lo Green also have six acts each, and Adam Levine has seven.

But whose team is the strongest? Here are some of the night's most promising singers:

Pip, the bowtie-clad 19-year-old who sang "House of the Rising Sun," had all four coaches turn their chairs around hoping to have him on their side. "I did have success before Maroon 5 came along," Christina said, making her case. "I'm a fighter, and I will fight for your ass." In the end, Pip became part of Team Adam because, he said, Levine was the first to push his button.

But Christina got her way with Geoff McBride. "The very first note you hit blew me away," she said about his performance of Stevie Wonder's "Higher Ground." Cee Lo also wanted McBride, who dedicated his song to his late father.

Cee Lo was pleased when he turned around to see the beautiful face behind the unusual voice of Erin Martin, 27. The former model, who described herself as an "Egyptian warrior princess," sang "Hey There Delilah." "You are what The Voice is," Blake told her. "You are that special sound that I personally have never had before."

Cee Lo, who called her a "wonderful creature of a woman," also said, "Your voice is so strange and unique ... Naturally you belong to me, don't you agree?" She did.

But Blake did land an exciting contestant with Jordis Unga, who picked the country star over Christina and Cee Lo. "You're the type of person that I have been sitting here waiting for," Blake said. "You're the type of singer that makes me excited about what I do."

"Who's going to take me to the end of this thing? I need this so bad," said an emotional Jordis, who eventually decided on the first coach to turn his chair. "Christina, I'm so sorry," she said, "I love you, but I have to go with Blake."

Which contestants are your early favorites? And whose team is the strongest? Sound off in the comments.
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