Conan Gives Amanda Seyfried His Taxidermied Jet Pack Raccoon

Conan Gives Amanda Seyfried His Taxidermied Jet Pack Raccoon
Amanda Seyfried

02/22/2012 AT 03:00 PM EST

Calling Chuck Testa!

While promoting her new movie Gone Tuesday on Conan, Amanda Seyfried revealed she has the start of what she hopes will be an extensive taxidermy collection.

In addition to a miniature horse, she said, "I have a chick who I just got – her name's Linda. Well, she's not alive, but her name would've been Linda. I have an owl named Beatrix. I have a few butterflies. That's about it for now."

"I'm calling the police," host Conan O'Brien joked, before surprising his guest with the gift of a "screeching raccoon with a jet pack" that has made numerous appearances on the show.

While she seemed ecstatic about adding to her collection, she had some feedback for O'Brien about the raccoon. "He's not well-done," she said, to which he replied, "You're being critical of the gift I just gave you?"

Luckily, there was an objective third party ready to settle the score. According to sidekick Andy Richter, "She's not wrong, though. It really is marginally a raccoon."

Click to watch the rest of the segment and see what Seyfried named her new raccoon.

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