Fin-sanity! Shark Gives Diver a High-Five

Fin-sanity! Shark Gives Diver a High-Five
Paul Spielvogel/Caters News

03/28/2012 AT 09:00 AM EDT

Up high, bro!

Deep beneath the surface of the waters off the Bahamas, two unlikely creatures shared a celebratory moment – and amazingly, it was captured on camera. Eli Martinez, an editor at Shark Diver magazine, and a lemon shark decided to go hand to fin and make a memorable moment under the sea. Staff photographer Paul Spielvogel tells PEOPLE that sharks get close to get food offered by the divers. This shark came swimming straight for Martinez, and right as it reached him, turned and held up a fin.

"The shark is one we're familiar with," Spielvogel says. "I was just snapping away, and this one came in and high-fived him. You see that shot, and you go, 'That's not real.'"

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