Biggest Loser's Megan Stone Riding Horses Again

Biggest Loser: Megan Stone Riding Horses Again
Megan Stone

04/02/2012 AT 09:00 AM EDT

She's back in the saddle again.

Eliminated Biggest Loser contestant Megan Stone, who left the show on last week's episode, lost 80 lbs. on her weight-loss journey but has since gained the chance to ride her beloved horses.

"One of my huge motivators to losing all this weight is I really missed my horses," Stone, 21, said on the show. "I missed competing and I really wanted to get back to that."

Before arriving at the Ranch, Stone was too heavy to ride her childhood horse. Now that she weighs 189 lbs., she has been able to barrel race for the first time in three years.

"The first time I really got to ride my horse, I was in tears," Stone told reporters Wednesday. "It was so much easier than I ever remember [it] being – I guess because I'm so fit now, and I'm able to do so much more."

In addition to riding and competing again, Stone will be busy as ever – planning her wedding to new fiancé Michael.

It's all wrapped up in the boon of Biggest Loser. "The more weight I lose, the better I feel, the healthier I am and the more self-confidence I have," she said.

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