Lauren Scruggs's Dad Says She 'Has the Same Spunk'

Lauren Scruggs's Dad Says She 'Has the Same Spunk'
Jeff and Cheryl Scruggs

04/06/2012 AT 09:30 AM EDT

It's been four months since fashion blogger and model Lauren Scruggs accidentally walked into a spinning plane propeller, leaving her with devastating injuries.

Scruggs, 23, lost her left eye and hand (among other injuries) as a result, but on Friday, her father said she's the same young woman she was before the accident.

Despite concerns about brain damage, "She has the same spunk, her same personality," Lauren's father, Jeff Scruggs told Katie Couric on Good Morning America Friday.

And luckily, Lauren does not appear to remember the actual accident. "All she remembers," says Jeff, "is getting out of that plane."

Lauren has been fitted with a prosthetic eye and she's selected a prosthetic arm, which she will receive in about a month, her father reports. As for her twin sister Brittany, "there's a special bond there," says Jeff, adding that when Lauren's left eye was surgically removed, "Brittany's left eye started to twitch for two weeks."

In the aftermath of Lauren's accident, her mother, Cheryl Scruggs, shared updates on her daughter on a Caring Bridge website, as well as the family's faith and what that meant to her recovery.

"She knows God is healing her," Cheryl said on GMA Friday morning. The outpouring of prayers for Lauren "have been incredible," Jeff added. "God spared her life."

Lauren's recovery has been the subject of national attention ever since she was injured in December. Cheryl told GMA that people brought the family meals for 10 weeks so that she didn't have to cook.

Lauren (whose nickname is Lolo) will be speaking out about her ordeal in a new book, Still Lolo, which be published by Tyndale Momentum in November.

Said publisher Jan Harris in a statement: "This is going to be a truly inspiring book for anyone who has faced adversity themselves or struggled with the value our society places on physical beauty."
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