Is This Chihuahua the World's Smallest Dog?

World's Smallest Dog Contender Milly Is Chihuahua from Puerto Rico
Milly the Chihuahua

04/09/2012 AT 03:00 PM EDT

Move over, Beyonce. Milly the Chihuahua may be the next big contender for the title of world's smallest dog.

The 3-month-old pooch lives in Puerto Rico with her owner Vanesa Semler, and weighs less than a pound (she's 5.99 oz., to be exact). Standing, Milly is 3 inches tall, according to the Daily Mail. Two-week-old pup Beyonce, who hit the media circuit a few weeks ago hoping to snag the title, measures just under 4 inches.

But before the minuscule puppy of the moment can dethrone the current Guinness World Record holder, Boo Boo, a female long-haired Chihuahua from Kentucky, she needs give herself time to grow. "For smallest animal records, we require that the animal be fully grown, in this case at least one year old," a rep for Guinness told PEOPLE. "We won't be able to verify if this dog would be a record holder until then."

At this point there's no doubt that Milly is almost microscopic. "To get an idea of ​​just how petite she is," the dog's caretaker said, "when she was first born she received milk from an eyedropper."

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