The Voice: Erin Martin Is Over It

The Voice: Erin Martin Is Over It
Erin Martin
Lewis Jacobs/NBC

04/10/2012 AT 05:00 PM EDT

When The Voice's Erin Martin came out on stage Monday night, half-naked men were pulling her along in a golden chariot. She was decked out in an elaborate costume, complete with headdress, to sing The Bangles' hit "Walk Like an Egyptian."

Christina Aguilera said Martin didn't "bring it" vocally, and her own coach, Cee Lo Green, agreed. "I want you to be more aggressive," Cee Lo said. "I want your attitude to be more take-charge and win this thing."

After the show, Martin told PEOPLE she wasn't feeling good about the performance because she didn't want to do it.

"You have to [play a character]," she said. "I'm contractually obligated to do that. There is nothing you can really do. I was choreographed. They put this outfit on me. They chose the song. You don't really have control over what happens. You kind of just deal with it."

If Martin, who says she's been misunderstood ("I'm more of a Billy Holiday/Norah Jones artist," she says), sounds defeated, it's because of the backlash she's experienced since going on the show.

"People were being really, really mean," she says. "I've sort of lost that dazzle and excitement about it. It's unfortunate but that's just the way it is. I'm just really looking forward to going back to my coffee shop and playing my guitar and putting out records that are true to myself."

And does she expect to make it through Tuesday's elimination show? "I don't think I will," she says.
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