Anderson Cooper Giggles On-Air – Yes, Again

updated 04/12/2012 AT 07:40 AM EDT

originally published 04/11/2012 AT 09:20 AM EDT

Clearly, it's not a party unless Anderson Cooper is there.

The usually sober-as-a-judge journalist, who broke character and had a giggling fit last summer while reporting on French actor Gérard Depardieu's going oui-oui in his seat on a Paris-to-Dublin flight, cracked up on-air again, this time while covering Dyngus Day for CNN's Anderson Cooper 360.

Dyngus Day? Well, that part is irrelevant, but it is a Polish-American tradition celebrating the end of Lent, as it occurs in Buffalo, N.Y.

The real news is Cooper's reaction. It seems to have started when the phrase "a tap from a pussy willow branch" is uttered.

With that, the 44-year-old goes breathless, tries holding his nose to keep the giggles from emitting from his deepest recesses, but that only makes matters worse.

"So stupid," he says. At one point he even leaps up from his desk to collect himself, only to return and, before really letting loose, makes it appear as if someone is tickling his bare feet underneath his desk.

Hmm ... is there someone under there?

Post script: In a statement issued later in the day, Cooper clariffied: "I am concerned to hear that some people believe that I called Dyngus Day celebrations 'stupid' or in any way criticized this holiday. I did not. While in the midst of a silly giggle fit I said, 'This is so stupid' in reference to my inability to stop laughing.

"I was not saying Dyngus Day was 'so stupid.' I apologize to anyone who got the impression that I was being critical of Dyngus Day. I am genuinely sorry if I offended anyone by the lighthearted tone of the 'RidicuList.' "

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