Hillary Clinton Cuts Loose in Colombia

Hillary Clinton Parties in Colombia
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
Raul Palacios-Colprensa/Landov

04/16/2012 AT 10:05 AM EDT

Ladies and gentlemen, the Secretary of Cerveza!

Hillary Clinton, the U.S. Secretary of State, showed off her wilder side Sunday night, partying at a club in Cartagena, Colombia, to celebrate the end of the VI Summit of the Americas, the New York Post reports.

The former first lady, 64, was photographed drinking Aguila pilsner from a bottle and smiling as she danced the rumba with a group of bodyguards and a dozen friends at Cafe Havana.

It seemed to be all harmless fun, though some have criticized the delegation's choice of a Cuban club, given the U.S.'s continued isolation of the Caribbean nation – a point of contention at the summit.

Hillary Clinton Cuts Loose in Colombia| Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary Clinton, with members of her delegation, in the Cafe Havana

Raul Palacios-Colprensa / Landov

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