Newt Gingrich Gets Bitten by a Penguin

Newt Gingrich Bitten by Penguin in St. Louis
Newt Gingrich (left) and one of the St. Louis Zoo's Magellanic penguins
Win McNamee/Getty; Courtesy St. Louis Zoo

04/17/2012 AT 12:30 PM EDT

Among the many battle wounds that Newt Gingrich has sustained on the campaign trail, he might not have expected "penguin bite" to be one of them.

The candidate for the Republican presidential nomination sustained a small injury during a visit to the St. Louis Zoo on Friday, where he was getting a two-hour private tour. A Magellanic penguin nipped Gingrich's finger, but the injury only required a Band-Aid, according to the zoo.

Gingrich, a self-professed animal lover, has frequently leveraged that aspect of himself, even launching a campaign website called Pets with Newt 2012.

But it seems even pets and their friends can't get Gingrich to the top of the presidential heap; the former Speaker has been facing calls to drop out of the race, and referred to himself as an underdog after the penguin incident.

Update: According to the zoo, the penguin is doing fine.

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