Dairy Cow Walks Up to McDonald's Drive-Thru

Dairy Cow Walks Up to McDonald's Drive-Thru
Steve Grubman/Getty, Tim Boyle/Getty

04/25/2012 AT 09:00 AM EDT

Maybe she wanted some fries with that?

A domestic cow named Darcy traveled half a mile from her home Friday before ending up at a McDonald's drive-thru window, Colorado's 9 News reports.

"We got a call from dispatch asking if my son had a dairy cow. I said, 'Yeah, he has a dairy cow,' and she told me that it was up at McDonalds," Darcy's owner, Sandy Winn, said.

Before her owners were located, people at the Brush, Colo., restaurant snapped pictures of Darcy while she stood outside the drive-thru window.

Dubbed the "Take-Out Cow," Darcy isn't one for causing trouble, Winn said – unless she wants attention. "She's is [stubborn]," she said.

Fed a hearty diet of grass and alfalfa, the friendly cow was most likely looking for adventure, not food. "Maybe visiting relatives, but not making any orders," Winn said.

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