Twitter Granny Wants 80,000 Followers

J-Dimps, Twitter Grandmother, Wants 80,000 Followers
Josephine Lamberti aka J-Dimps
Courtesy Josephine Lamberti

04/27/2012 AT 02:30 PM EDT

Some 80-year-olds knit. Others take up gardening. And then there's Josephine Lamberti.

The tech savvy Staten Island, N.Y., grandmother is on a mission to get 80,000 followers on Twitter – a cool thousand for each year of her life – "before I die."

She's close to her goal. At press time, she had nearly 67,000 followers, among them Miranda Kerr, Jason Segel and Rihanna, who follow Lamberti, a.k.a., "Josie Dimples" at

Boasting about her #oldladyswag, Lamberti lists her interests as "dancing & cooking meatballs." When she isn't reaching out to celebs like Khloé Kardashian on Twitter, she's posting shots of herself decked out in fake tattoos, a personalized "J-Dimps" headband, and, of course, her "Everybody Loves a Player" shirt.

And everybody does, indeed, love this player. "I'm 80yrs old and bleed #OLDladySWAG What ya gonna do about it?" she writes. "How can ya NOT follow my sexy 80 yr old dimples?"

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