The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer: Emma Stone Is Swept Off Her Feet

05/03/2012 AT 09:15 PM EDT

Emma Stone certainly isn't afraid of spiders, as she demonstrates in a steamy scene with everyone's favorite Webhead, in a new trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man released Thursday.

The spot features a buff, shirtless Andrew Garfield as Spidey going in for some face time with a blonde Stone as she tends to his wounds with a towel.

Though it mainly plays up the action scenes in the film, with Garfield's Peter Parker battling bad guys as he searches for the truth about his parents, the trailer also offers (in a blink-and-you'll miss it moment) a tease of a liplock between the real-life couple.

The big question is whether their onscreen smooch in the reboot will exceed the upside-down liplock that Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst made famous a decade ago.

But Stone, 23, and Garfield, 28, don't seem to be worried about that.

"There is a nice first kiss, I will say that, and it's different than the upside-down one," Stone said at a Tokyo press conference in January. "And we liked it."
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