Adam Yauch's Last Performance at Bonnaroo 2009: Watch It

05/04/2012 AT 03:20 PM EDT

In 2009 Adam Yauch revealed his cancer battle via a video on the Beastie Boys website.

"So this is crazy," he said to fans at the time. "I have some pretty heavy news. I actually have a form of cancer."

It was June that same year – and 30 years after the band formed – he performed for what would be the last time. During their Bonnaroo set, Yauch (in the brown pants) jumped around less than his bandmates, but his rhymes were tight as ever.

They then canceled as a Lollapalooza headliner in August so Yauch could have surgery and go through radiation therapy.

"It's a little bit of a setback but it's something that's very treatable," Yauch said in a video again posted on the band's website. "We'll be back doing this soon."

Fall concert dates were additionally canceled to allow Yauch recovery time, and the release date for the band's album, Hot Sauce Committee Part 1, was pushed back.

Rarely seen since, he was last photographed at the New York premiere of The Social Network in 2010.

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